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AceErase File Shredder- Free

Secure file shredder with free unlimited use of the zero wipe (1 pass) shredding algorithm
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3 April 2009

Editor's review

If your job-profile requires shifting your workstation quite often, then you may tend to leave traces of all your sensitive data on different PCs. This can surely inflict all sorts of troubles to you. Simple deletion of data from PC could not serve the purpose well, as the information so deleted can easily be recovered using a functional data recovery tool. Just don’t let the worries be there in your mind, simply get support of a proficient data wipe tool with strong shredding algorithm. This can easily be achieved with the help of AceErase File Shredder- Free 1.51. The utility securely shreds the user-specified files using the Zero pattern shredding algorithm for erasing them beyond recovery.

While using the AceErase File Shredder- Free 1.51, the first step of shredding process deals with adding the files with the utility. You can either add files individually or by dragging and dropping the files on the program console, immediately after which they would be queued. Now, you can begin with the file shredding process by pressing the ‘Start Shredding’ option at the bottom side. You can check out the progress and status to know whether the file’s been shredded yet or are in process. Further, you can make certain changes into the program configurations by altering the Algorithm options, File and folder option, or any time restore defaults, if it’s required. Shred Your Tracks option, which can also be accessed by Edit menu, helps you in erasing the tracks of your activity by cleaning the Recycle Bin Content, Temporary Internet files, Cookies, History, Recent Document list, local temporary files, etc. In addition to stated features, it also keep activity log and has a Help file associated with it for user’s assistance.

With the AceErase File Shredder- Free 1.51 you can erase your sensitive data from every system permanently, making it irrecoverable. The tool integrates an easily-used feature-range, which is further followed by a stellar performance making it worthy of getting 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

AceErase is an easy to use, secure file shredder utility providing FREE, UNLIMITED USE, NO EXPIRATION of the fast, zero pattern (1 pass) shredding algorithm to erase your sensitive files beyond recovery. This free version also automatically wipes file tips (cluster tips, file slack) and is compact enough to run from your USB flash drive.
With an easy drag & drop interface, comprehensive help, tool tips, feedback, per-item & total progress bars, quick installer/uninstaller, a built-in 'Check for Updates' feature, & fast multi-threaded design, AceErase is your ideal file shredder! Get free updates until the next major version release, too! AceErase has absolutely no spyware, adware, malware, or viruses of any kind, ever!
To get greater privacy protection, try the Pro version. It includes a convenient 'Shred Your Tracks' feature so you can erase temporary internet files, cookies, internet browsing history, recycle bin contents, unused free space, typed urls, recent run history, and much more. Compare Free Trial vs. Pro features here:
Protect your privacy by permanently overwriting your sensitive data using a professional data destruction, file shredding privacy tool such as AceErase. Try AceErase today!
AceErase File Shredder- Free
AceErase File Shredder- Free
Version 1.51
Free Download

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